Social and Racial Justice at TCA

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TCA’s Commitment to Systemic Equity

Twin Cities Academy is committed to addressing educational inequities and ensuring a respectful learning environment in which diversity is valued and integral to successful outcomes for all students.

TCA’s Equity Focus Areas

Pedagogy of Equity – We understand that we have the responsibility to institutionalize culturally responsive practices in teaching and professional development;

Equitable Operations – We understand that we have the responsibility to embed equity and culturally responsive practices into the foundation of all TCA programs and operations;

Collaborative and Authentic Relationships – We understand that we have the responsibility to engage in partnership with all stakeholders, including students, families, community members and other educational partners;

Equity and Diversity Ongoing Assessment – We understand that we have the responsibility to assess, monitor and evaluate equitable policies, practices, programs, procedures and budgets for continuous improvement.

Educational Equity Looks Like:

  • Authentic relationships with and among students, staff, families and community members
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • High expectations for all students
  • Advanced course enrollment that represents school population
  • Curriculum that reflects all learners
  • All students and families feel welcome and safe
  • All students meeting grade level and graduation expectations
  • Schoolwide outcomes that contribute to social justice for all.

Educational Equity Feels Like:

  • I am recognized for my strengths and contributions
  • I am respected for who I am
  • I am heard and appreciated
  • I feel cared about and I care about others
  • I see myself represented in curriculum
  • I feel comfortable and welcomed at school
  • I am academically confident and challenged
  • I can achieve my goals, dreams and full potential
  • I understand my responsibility to contribute to a more socially just society.



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