Twin Cities Academy believes that providing all students access to rigorous coursework is key to closing the achievement gap. If a student is not yet prepared for that level of rigor, they are provided the opportunity to take a parallel course in English or math, which supports the rigor in the mainstream course. All core courses remain rigorous to support the mission of college-preparatory programming. For students who exceed grade level, accelerated courses are an option as well.

All TCA students take yearlong courses in the four core content areas: math, English, science and history. TCA also offer STEM and world languages (Spanish and French) to all students in all grades. TCA also offers French immersion courses for those students who have completed an elementary French immersion program.

By providing both STEM and a world language, TCA increases its level of rigor to an even higher degree, as compared to other public middle school programs. Electives students take include, band (yearlong commitment), physical education/health, art, literacy, technology and music.

TCA’s curriculum is ┬áchosen to align with mandated state and national curriculum standards. Prior to the start of the school year, all TCA teachers are tasked with the project of verifying that courses meet the Minnesota state standards. Curriculum planners are reviewed by administration, and all teachers are observed by administration and peers monthly to ensure that instruction and curriculum are maintained at the rigorous level TCA is committed to bringing to its students. This commitment to academic rigor shows in TCA students’ test scores compared to St. Paul public schools. TCA students tend to score on average 10%-25% better on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments in reading and math, annually.