Centerline Charter Corp is TCA’s bus provider. Dispatch: 651-482-1794
Change requests: Please fill out the Transportation Change Request Form if you are moving or if you want to request a change in your bus stop. Return the form to the office or email it to:

School Text Messaging from Twin Cities Academy – TCA will send text messages for school emergencies and bus delays. You must opt in to receive text messages. 

Take these steps to sign up for text messaging from the school:

  • Log in to the portal
  • Click on the person symbol in the upper right corner
  • Select Settings > Contact Preferences
  • Check the cell phone section at the top of the screen and make sure the correct number is listed. Add a cell phone number here if needed.
  • Scroll down to Message Preferences, make sure you are on the Phone tab
  • Search for the cell phone number you want text messages sent to
  • In the Priority line, check the Text (SMS) box for the phone numbers you want text messages sent to. 
  • Save

Transportation Change Request Form

Transportation Policy