High School Athletics


TCA high school and Great River School (GRS) partner together to form our high school athletic teams which are called the Tigers. St. Paul Academy (SPA) hosts the JV and Varsity Boys’ Hockey teams. We also partner with Nova Classical Academy (Nova) to form our Baseball team, called the Knights. Varsity athletes have the opportunity to letter in their individual sports. The TCA/GRS Tigers are members of the Twin Cities Athletic Conference (TCAC) and the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL).

The Tigers athletics program is run by our  High School Athletic Director, Coach Victor Vondracek. You can contact him at or call him at 651-205-4797 (TCA Main Desk).


Athletic Programs

In the Fall we offer:

  • Coed Cross Country (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • HS Girls’ Soccer (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • HS Boys’ Soccer (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • HS Volleyball (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • HS Academy Force Football (Grades 9-12) – $400 activity free payable to St. Croix Prep.

In the Winter we offer:

  • HS Boys’ Basketball (Grades 8-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • HS Girls’ Basketball (Grades 8-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • Coed Nordic Ski (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below, payable to Great River School
  • Cheerleading (Grades 9-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • Boys’ Hockey (Grades 8-12) – Activity Fee (TBD by host school), payable to SPA

In the Spring we offer:

  • HS Baseball (Grades 8-12) – $250 Activity Fee, payable to Nova Classical Academy
  • HS Softball (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below
  • Coed Track (Grades 7-12) – Activity Fee Schedule below

High School sports are run by our High School Athletic Director Coach Victor Vondracek. You can contact him at or call him at 651-205-4797.

Sports Registration

For the 2020/21 school year, the Activity Fee schedule is as follows:

  • First Sport: $185
  • Second Sport/Second Sibling: $165
  • Third Sport/Third Sibling: $145
  • Late Registration Fee: $25 (all registrations completed after the season deadline will be subject to this fee)
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Scholarship: Activity Fee reduced by 50% – Must have completed the 2018/19 Educational Benefits Application and received Free/Reduced Lunch status to qualify (Late Registration Fee will NOT be reduced)

Forms and Activity Fees for our Tigers athletic programs must be completed and paid prior to practicing or trying out for a team. They can be turned in to the TCA office in person or through the mail. Once the season has started, a student athlete must wait 24 hours after completing registration before he or she can begin participation. After the first week of the season, tryouts will be completed and registration will be closed for all of our athletic offerings.

Athletes must complete the MSHSL Eligibility Form annually. A Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Form must be completed every 3 years and will be kept on file. The Annual Sports Health Questionnaire is required if the Sports Physical is dated more than 3 months prior to the beginning of the season. Students with Asthma and/or serious Allergies must have Action Plans on file in the office.

For more information on registration and for links to all the forms, click here.

* Please be aware that refunds requested after an athlete is placed on one of our rosters will be subject to a registration charge of $50 ($25 if qualified for Free/Reduced Lunch Scholarship), in addition to any season costs that may already have been incurred.


Athletic Eligibility Policy

The Tigers believe all our students deserve the opportunity to participate in our athletic offerings. We also believe that student athletes need to place academics as their top priority. To encourage student athletes to maintain good standing in all their classes, we developed the following Athletic Eligibility Policy:

  • Student athletes need a 2.0 GPA from the previous quarter and/or semester to join the team at the beginning of the season
  • The Athletics Department will run Grade Reports every other week
  • If a student athlete has ANY D’s and/or F’s on a regularly scheduled Grade Report, they are put on Athletic Probation
  • Athletic Probation means that:
    • Student athlete must turn in a completed Teacher Form every Friday (see attached Teacher Form)
    • Students must ask teachers to complete the form on Thursdays and/or Fridays
    • Forms asks teachers to evaluate:
      • Attendance
      • Student athlete on time to class?
      • Student athlete handing in work on time? Any assignments missing?
      • Student athlete taking tests on time? Failing any tests?
      • Behavior/attitude
    • Student athletes remain on Athletic Probation until the next regularly scheduled Grade Report shows no D’s or F’s
    • Teacher forms can ONLY be signed on Thursdays/Fridays
      • Forms are available through the Coach or the AD
      • Failure to get teacher signature is the student athlete’s responsibility – if you don’t get the signatures, you are not eligible for games the following week
      • Teacher signature forms MUST be turned into the coach on Friday; failure to turn it in means the student athlete is not eligible for games the following week
      • All Football players must complete this during the season since they leave school during 8th hour in order to get to practices/games
    • If a student athlete has ANY F’s, s/he is Ineligible to play in games until s/he no longer has any F’s.
      • The grade must be changed by the teacher in Infinite Campus to make the student athlete Eligible again
    • Captains are held to a higher standard:
      • If a captain is placed on Athletic Probation more than once in a season, the student athlete will no longer be a captain for the remainder of the season