Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program allows High School Juniors and Seniors to take college courses at post-secondary institutions for both high school and college credit. The tuition, fees, and required textbooks are at no cost to students.

Any High School Junior or Senior is eligible by law to participate in PSEO. However, not all students are ready for PSEO. Good academic standing, independence, responsibility and initiative are characteristics that are essential for a successful PSEO experience. Keep in mind that the student themselves are entirely responsible for successful completion of college-level coursework, and that the grades earned in PSEO classes will be recorded on both high school and college transcripts, which is a permanent record of student performance.

Each college has its own admission requirements, and students need to follow standard college admission procedures for the PSEO program. The requirements differ for each college.

To participate, begin planning early! Here are the requirements:

  • Students and parents must attend a mandatory meeting in February lead by the school counselor, then they must meet with the school counselor to review their high school credit status and determine if they are a viable candidate for the PSEO program.
  • Parents/Guardians must approve participation in PSEO and arrange transportation to the college campus. TCAHS does not provide transportation.
  • Contact the PSEO representative at the college where the student wishes to attend for further details about their program.
  • Complete the application for PSEO admission to that college, providing the TCAHS counselor (and teachers, if necessary) with ample time to complete all forms and recommendations.
  • Submit the student application to the college and take any required placement tests by May 1st.
  • Once accepted, students and parents/guardians must meet with the TCAHS counselor to ensure alignment between the college courses with any high school credit requirements. This meeting must take place before June 1st of each year if the student plans to take college courses in the fall, and before December 1st if the student plans on taking spring courses.

Please note that the combination of courses at college and TCAHS must constitute a full course load, and student status must be equal to full-time enrollment.

PSEO students must understand they are held accountable for academics and test scores just like any other college student. They must also understand that their ability to work and function independently is crucial to a successful PSEO outcome. They must also maintain their high school academics and test scores.

Special Information to Students Participating in PSEO

  • Students and parents/guardians are entirely responsible for transportation to and from the college.
  • A student’s first priority is meeting high school graduation requirements. College classes must be scheduled around the TCAHS class schedule.
  • The TCAHS counselor must receive a copy of the college schedule prior to the start of each semester.
  • Students are responsible for delivering their PSEO grades to TCAHS.
  • A 4-credit college course is equivalent to 1 TCAHS credit (one year). A 2-credit college course is equivalent to 5 TCAHS credits (one semester).
  • Complications around college academic and attendance complications must be managed between the college and the student. The TCAHS Counselor should be informed, but has no jurisdiction over college matters.
  • The TCAHS counselor must be informed of changes made the student’s schedule (dropping/adding a course). PSEO students are subject to the same procedures/penalties as any other high school student for withdrawing/failing a PSEO course.
  • High school diplomas are withheld until TCAHS receives a final transcript from the college and all TCAHS graduation requirements (credits, volunteering, senior projects etc.) are met and verified.
  • Students are entirely responsible for keeping track of important dates, deadlines, announcements, and events taking place at TCAHS and rearranging their PSEO schedule if necessary.
  • PSEO students must understand they will be held accountable like any other college student. They must understand that their ability to work and function independently is crucial to being a successful PSEO student. Please contact the Guidance Office for more details.