Special Education

Twin Cities Academy provides a continuum of services based on the student’s level of need. Below are the services we provide, as well as links for further information regarding our special education program.

  • Direct Services With direct services, students received direct instruction from a special educator or service provider. This instruction can be done within either the general or special education setting.
  • Indirect Services With indirect services, students receive support within the general education classroom through educators collaborating on instruction that is relevant for the individual student.
    Co-Teaching Setting These services are provided within the general education classroom with a content teacher and special education teacher both providing instruction. This model is effective in providing a student with direct instruction without removing the student from the general education setting.
  • Special Education Setting In this setting, students receive instruction outside of the general education classroom. The amount of time a student spends in this setting is dependent on the student’s needs. Typical instruction in this setting includes specialized academic and behavioral instruction.
  • Self-Contained/Out-of-District Services If a student is requiring more than half of their day in a specialized program, he or she may require a higher level of support provided either within the school or within the student’s resident district. If it is determined by the team that the student needs are beyond what a district can provide, the school will work with the family and the resident district to determine appropriate programming.