Twin Cities Academy high school program believes that providing all students access to rigorous coursework is key to closing the achievement gap. If a student is not yet prepared for that level of rigor, they are provided the opportunity to take a parallel course in English or math, allowing the core courses to remain at a college-preparatory rigor level.

TCA high school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English, calculus, chemistry, biology, physics, Spanish and French. TCA high school is also beginning to offer College in the Schools (CIS) courses in which students can choose to concurrently enroll in TCA and the University of Minnesota.

Twin Cities Academy high school values students’ ability to choose courses that meet their individual career goals. To this end students may enroll in a variety of elective courses. Elective courses include fine arts (drawing, painting and sculpting), general music, band, anatomy/physiology, STEM Lab, video production, environmental health, speech, and many more.

Twin Cities Academy high school students are required to take two years of a world language, and four years of both math and science, along with the mandated state requirements for graduation. The added world language, math and science requirements are consistent with TCA’s commitment to preparing students for college admission.

TCA’s curriculum aligns with mandated state or national curriculum standards. Prior to the start of the school year, all TCA teachers are tasked with the project of verifying that courses meet the Minnesota state standards. Curriculum maps are reviewed by administration for compliance, and all teachers are observed by both administration and their peers on a monthly basis to ensure that the level of rigor is being taught consistently in all class rooms.

This commitment to rigor shows in TCA students’ test scores. Overall TCA students score between 10%-25% higher on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment as compared to the St. Paul School district. Graduation rates range between 98%-100% on average. And TCA high school has been a “Reward” school for five consecutive years, and is the only “Reward” high school in 2015 in either Minneapolis or St. Paul. Additionally TCA high school was named the number one high school in Minnesota in 2014 by Newsweek and remains a top performing high school every year as determined by U.S. News and World Report.