Rowing Information Session




Students and parents join us to learn about the sport and college scholarship opportunities
Hear from coaches, rowers, and find out how to get started
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GENERAL PURPOSE: To allow students the opportunity to participate in the sport of rowing.

WHEN AND HOW ONE BECOMES A PARTICIPANT: Contact the rowing coach via for registration information. No previous rowing experience needed.
Open to students in 7th-12th grade. Any student, including multi-sport athletes are encouraged
to join any time throughout the year.

TIME INVOLVED: Practices are currently offered in two pods: Pod #1 Monday-Friday from 6:50
– 9AM and Saturday 6:50-9AM; Pod #2 Monday-Friday from 3:50 – 6PM and Saturday
8:50-11AM. The coach is very understanding of school commitments, so not all practices are
required, but they are highly recommended. Races are on various Saturdays throughout the
year and are optional, but are highly encouraged.

COST INVOLVED: Sliding fee scale for households making: less than $40,000 per year pay $10
per month; $40,000-$59,000 per year pay $60 per month; $60,000-$79,000 per year pay $80
per month; over $80,000 per year pay $100 per month. Contact the rowing coach via for registration information. If the cost will prevent a student from
participating, please make an email inquiry to the coach via

CLOTHING NEEDED: Spandex type shorts (Similar to biking shorts) or running tights along
with a comfortable t-shirt or tank top. Any slim-fit outerwear that is constructed of flexible
material (not baggy) will also work. A running type shoe is preferred or any athletic shoe is

TIME OUT OF SCHOOL: None, unless individuals qualify for regional or national races.

TRAVEL OR DRIVING REQUIRED: Cold weather rowing (November-March) is held indoors at
882 Rice Street and 1908 University Ave W in Saint Paul. Warm weather rowing (April-October)
is held at the Lake Phalen Boat Launch on the North side of the lake. Transportation is the
responsibility of the participant.

PARTICIPANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Attend as many practices and races as you can and be
open to learning about rowing.

PARENT’S ROLE: Transport the student to practices and races.

BENEFIT TO STUDENTS: Students will experience the physical benefits of rowing in addition
to enhancing Motivation, Toughness, Time Management, Selflessness, Leadership, Humility,
Discipline, and Teamwork. Rowing is a lifelong sport that can open collegiate opportunities
post high school.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Power Ten is a year round rowing program designed for students
to join at any time throughout the year. For more information visit the team website at or via email correspondence to the coach at

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