Hi, welcome to Twin Cities Academy! I’m Betsy Lueth, the Executive Director.

TCA is made up of a community of 300 families in the St. Paul and Maplewood area. Most of our families find us because their student has outgrown their current school and they need to find a good fit for middle school and high school.

Some come because they are looking for smaller class sizes and programs focused on preparing for post-secondary education. Others choose us because they need an individualized plan that meets specific learning and social needs.

We take pride in our academics, excellent teachers who really care about the well-being of students, and a variety of programs and activities designed to help develop character and community.

OUR MISSION: To ensure that all students graduate with the skills to achieve in college, to contribute positively to society, and to be accepting of all people.

No matter who you are, or why you’re here, we want you to feel welcome and belong.


Our Focus

At TCA, we focus on supporting students in three ways:

  1. Comprehensive Academics
  2. Character-building connections
  3. Compassionate support

Here’s what that means to our students and families:

Comprehensive Academics

  • Smaller class sizes so your student gets the amount of attention they need
  • 1:1 chromebook program for all students
  • Academic support that fits your students learning style
  • Extra support in math and reading both small group and one on one intervention, if needed
  • World prep – a process that helps prep for post-secondary education
  • Honors programs to accelerate learning
  • CIS (College in the Schools for credit at the University of Minnesota)
  • Advanced placement (History, Biology, English, Chemistry, Geography, Calculus, Physics, Computer Science, French, Spanish)
  • AVID program – to develop the soft skills needed for college
  • A 97.3% graduation rate!
  • 82% of our students complete at least two years of post-secondary education

Character-building connections 

  • Teachers committed to building meaningful relationships with students
  • A younger peer mentoring requirement to help students develop leadership skills
  • A volunteer requirement to help develop a sense of service
  • A diverse student body and a culture of inclusivity
  • Fostering a spirit of community and care for each other – understanding the differences that make us stronger together
  • Many extracurricular opportunities: Clubs, sports, music programs, social justice, school spirit, YAY!

Compassionate support

  • Wrap-around support (mental health check-ins, one on one counselor meetings)
  • Extra help for students and families (peer tutoring, food shelf open to all families, access to technology, health, and housing resources)
  • On-site therapy
  • Other supports to allow kids and their families to focus and help them succeed


Here is what our parents had to say in a recent survey, where we asked them to provide testimonials:

“The level of support my children receive from this school is impressive. And I cannot tell you how many times one of my children has come home talking about how fantastic their teachers are as people and in their teaching methods.”

Interested in learning more?

You can get in touch in one of the following ways: 

Attend an Info Session: 

  • Info sessions are offered during the week in the evenings, and on certain Saturdays
  • They last about an hour
  • These sessions are geared towards prospective students and their parents/guardians. These sessions are a unique opportunity to discover more about TCA. Staff will be available to answer your questions about curriculum, programs, and other aspects of the school. A tour of the school is included

Info Session Sign Up Here

Schedule a Student Shadow Day

  • To schedule a student shadow day, sign up using the link below
  • Your student can come on-site for an all day visit, or half day visit. Shadows will be hosted by one of our TCA student ambassadors in their grade and spend the day meeting teachers and students
  • They’ll learn about a typical day at TCA and experience a welcoming community

Shadow Day Sign Up

Speak to one of our Parent Ambassadors

  • Request a call from one of our parent ambassadors
  • They will share more about TCA and their experience
  • They will answer any questions you have from a parent perspective

Please email Erin Reusing at to request a call or email from a parent ambassador

Thanks for taking the time to visit today – we hope to see or hear from you soon!