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High School Clubs


Racial Justice Club 

Racial Justice Club Mission: The Racial Justice Club of Twin Cities Academy is committed to intellectual, cultural, social and ethnic diversity. The RJC’s focus is to build awareness, education, and a new level of consciousness about being an ally to people of color, and being African-American in today’s society. We aim to teach ourselves about diversity and show that through engaging in activities and conversations focused around acceptance and tolerance, we will get a better understanding of others while learning about ourselves.

Racial Justice Club Vision: The RJC’s vision is to build positive self-esteem, building encouragement, gaining relationships, awareness and creating Leaders, Achievers and Believers.

Due to COVID-19, RJC meets virtually on Wednesdays on Zoom from 1pm-2pm. For more information please reach out to the club’s advisors Mr. John ( and Mr. Ng (


Tabletop Gaming Club

Tabletop Gaming club will be a space for students to come together and play games with others who share similar interests. Students can come explore different games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and dragons are collaborative, storytelling games that challenge players and build skills that they will need in the real world. Teamwork and social skills are critical to the enjoyment of the game and can be grown through having students navigate a deadly maze or fight a rampaging giant. Lateral thinking is heavily incentivised and unconventional solutions can often bring enjoyment to the entire table. We would be meeting thereafter every week on Thursday to play Dungeons and Dragons (or similar games, as the case might be). Adventures in D&D happen in the scope of months rather than weeks and due to the drop-in/drop-out nature of the game, players can contribute to the story as they are able. 

When: Thursdays after school 4-6pm


Young Women’s Discussion Group 

This group has been in existence for 8 years at TCA.  It’s open to any high school young woman or anyone who identifies as such, who is interested in a discussion group format focused on topics such as friendships, social situations, managing emotions, relationships and goal setting.   In addition, speakers from community agencies are invited to provide current resource information about women’s health and personal safety. Ms. McCall and Ms. Sauer co-lead, but choice of topics are agreed on by the group.

Thursdays during 4th lunch


Aerospace Club

Join the TCA Aerospace Club and launch a student-built satellite to the edge of space!

In the spring of 2019, TCA launched its first ever small satellite on a high altitude balloon over Minnesota. Our satellite reached over 100,000 ft above the Earth – above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere, and conducted experiments that tell us more about the upper reaches of Earth and the beginnings of space.

This year we will refine and improve our small satellite while continuing to get guest speakers from NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, and more. We will talk with researchers and engineers about what they do and why they chose an aerospace field for a career.

Lastly, we will continue to watch our regular space movies, do some off site visits to museums when possible, and learn more about aerospace engineering and cosmology as a whole.

Please join the A Club and jump start your career in the Air Force, Aerospace Engineering, precision manufacturing, and future NASA researchers!

When: Tuesdays

Where: Room 214


 anime/game discussion club 

Alvarez’s room (201) on Fridays during 4th lunch

  •   Choose and discuss a certain anime/game every week by vote
  •   Watch an anime by episode
  •   Watch a play through of a game
  •   Make fan art of a favorite anime/game and hang it up (with permission)
  •   Host a cosplay contest/show (with permission of the school)
  •   Learn how to say a quote from favorite anime/game in its native language if it initially wasn’t made in English.
  • Listen to/sing along to an anime song or a fan song of a game
  • Act out a scene from a game/anime (script, gestures, etc)
  • Do impressions of favorite character
  • Design a club uniform? (with permission)
  • Create designs of fusions of favorite characters


Geography Club is GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance or Gender-Sexuality Alliance) designed to not only support students in various stages of their coming out process and in self-identification of who they are, but to also educate the greater school community on LGBTQ+ issues that may affect TCA students and their communities. Plans for the school year include a Pronoun Day and mini-Pride Celebration! All are welcome! 

When: Thursdays after school 4-5 p.m. 

Where: Room 213 (Howes’ room)

Japanese Language Learning Club

Welcome to Japanese Club. JC is a staff-run club, where students seeking to learn Japanese can learn, or improve their Japanese comprehension. Students will learn vocabulary, expressions, and sentence structures meeting basic communication needs in Japanese. All four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) will be emphasized. There will be daily worksheets for practicing the Kanji’s, as well as a project.  

This club is for Educational purposes. We will not tolerate bad behavior. You will be asked to leave if you are not serious about learning Japanese. 

***(NOT AN ANIME CLUB: we will NOT be watching anime)***


Japanese Club is a club that focuses on learning the Japanese language.For Japanese club, you will be expected to memorize kana and kanji and participate in language learning lessons.  You will be required to download Duolingo and Anki apps to help learn Japanese. This will not be a club where we just watch anime, this will be a club where you are expected to put effort in to learn Japanese.  Every meeting we will work on all 4 aspects of language learning (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Sure, we may watch some anime, but it will be with the expectation that we are learning the dialogue and learning Japanese.

When: Tuesdays during 4th Lunch

Where: 212 (Corcoran’s Room)


Magic Mondays

Magic Monday is the day of the week that collectible card game (CCG) players get together to play games and have a discussion about their favorite games, such as Magic: the Gathering or

Yu-Gi-Oh! Casual and Competitive players are welcome, whether you are brand new to the game or are a professional making money on the Pro-Tour!

Room 205 after school on Mondays!

Regular school rules regarding language and behavior will be enforced.

When: Mondays after school (4:00 – 5:00)

Where: Room 205


Racial Justice Club Safe Spaces for All Faces Racial Justice Club is a safe space to have courageous conversations regarding what it means to be a person of color in our country, community, and school today. Students will work together to plan, promote, and lead discussions and activities throughout the school year related to race, culture, and the elimination of oppressive attitudes and behaviors. This is a place where student voices lead and are heard. All are welcome.  

When: Thursdays after school (4:00 – 5:00)  Where: Room 205


“Asian Jellies” Singing Group

This is an auditioned group of passionate vocalists who arrange their own music to perform at concerts, cultural fairs, and just for fun. This group shares a love of pop music and singing together! 

When: Wednesdays 4th lunch 

Where: Choquette’s room


Drawing Club

Calling all artists! If you would like to have an opportunity to share your art with new friends, this club is for you. This club is meant to be an opportunity for you to share your latest work, try out new techniques, and analyze existing works of art. 

When: Fridays after school 4-5pm

Where: Choquette’s room


Stand-Up Comedy Club

This club was conceived by and is led by two students. The focus will be on preparing brief stand-up comedy routines with the possibility of performing them for school audiences at various times throughout the year. Comedy routines will need to remain school-appropriate.

When: Tuesdays 4th Lunch

Where: Neilson’s room (211)


Hispanos Unidos Club

Advisor/Host: Giebink

Leader: Jonathan Garcia

Description: Teaching other Latinx about our culture. This could be history, dancing, movies, music, attire, language, and whatever else others want to do!

Time: Every Friday during 4th lunch