2021-2022 Safe Return to In Person Learning Plan


Twin Cities Academy developed its first Safe Learning Plan in the summer of 2020. The five phased plan from distance to in person was developed. The development included teachers and families participating in monthly meetings and providing public comment through online survey data and Zoom listening sessions. In January 2021, TCA determined that it will use defined metrics to ensure that the school can move from distance learning to in person learning as quickly and safely as possible. With this amendment, TCA held a Zoom listening session to gain public comment from families on January 25th, 2021. The overall results of this feedback session were positive with guidelines, with one parent dissenting that TCA should immediately open up regardless of COVID infection numbers. Over 30 families participated in the session. As the pandemic has waned this spring, TCA has again updated its Safe Return to In Person Learning plan. The updated plan was sent to all families who will have students in summer programming to provide feedback in its development, and to all TCA families through the newsletter and via individual emails. Feedback to the plan only included questions about quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated students, and an endorsement that masking should stay in place for all at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns with the plan, please email Betsy Lueth at

2021-2022 Safe Learning Plan