TCA ALERTS! Late Start on Monday, March 25th: School begins at 10:53am


Extra-Curricular Activities


  • Crochet/Knitting Club with Mr. Hanlon-Alle

Do you know how to knit or crochet or want to learn? Come hang out in Mr. Hanlon-Alle’s room once a week to listen to some calm music and knit and/or crochet. Must have your own crochet/knitting needles and yarn – Profe has a very limited supply of materials. If you want to join but will have trouble getting materials talk to Profe H-A.

  • Rock Band with Ms. Choquette 

A space for informal music making! We will get together and jam on some student selected tunes. We will also learn how to write our own songs. All musicians welcome- this could be an especially great opportunity for students who sing or play guitar/drum set/ ukulele/ electric bass/ keyboard, and don’t feel fulfilled in the regular band setting. It will also a be a good opportunity for you to meet other rock stars here at TCA! Come jam!

  • Black Friday

Come join us to talk about racial justice and what it means to be a person of color in our country, community, and school today. This is a place where student voices lead and are heard. All are welcome.

  • ACT Prep with Ms. Duhn. This is a 6 week course designed to:

Increase confidence with test-taking strategies
Reduce test-taking anxiety
Review and practice each of the four content areas on the ACT, plus the essay
Expand your vocabulary with ACT words
Learn about programs and resources to continue studying outside of school
Register for the exam (if you haven’t done so)

  • Twin Cities Academy’s LGBTQ+ and ally club.

Mission: To create a space for students to be themselves, to discuss issues related to LGBTQ+ identity, to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ culture, and to discuss issues affecting the queer community.

  • E Club with Ms. Riley and Ms. Jandro (from Urban Roots) – Room 203/Outside

Work on the gardens, learn about conservation topics, plan Earth Day activities, plan gardens and bird-related projects, and any related topics that students are interested in!  We will are inside for the winter, but will eat outside in fall/spring as weather permits!  Limited number of spots available – please check in with Ms. Riley to sign up.  

  • Leadership Council with Erickson (must have applied and been accepted onto the council)

Leadership Council’s purpose/mission: To create events, initiatives and practices that bring our school closer together as a community. The Leadership Council acts as a bridge between students and staff members, and to build our school climate to be one of diverse voices, of positivity, acceptance and excellence.

  • Description of Young Women’s Discussion Group:

This group has been in existence for 6 years at TCA.  It’s open to any high school young woman who is interested in a discussion group format focused on topics such as friendships, social situations, managing emotions, relationships and goal setting.   In addition, speakers from community agencies are invited to provide current resource information.  The next session will have a focus on women’s health and personal safety.   Ms. Dusek and Ms. McCall co-lead, but choice of topics are agreed on by the group.  

  • Tiger Yearbook with Ms. Neilson

We are the custodians of fond, funny, and favorite memories at TCA! Each year, the Tiger Yearbook staff dedicates themselves to recording moments, quotations, and images that represent the unique personality and culture of our school. Yearbook staff members funnel creative energy into designing the layout, writing the content, and taking photographs. They also have the opportunity to learn business skills such as marketing, budgeting, and creating timetables. ONLY OPEN TO CURRENT MEMBERS. You DO NOT need to re-apply; you will be automatically added. Please talk to Mrs. Neilson if you are seeking to drop yearbook.

  • Korea Club with Ms. Fruechte:

Do you want to learn how to read and write in Korean? Do you like K-Pop (Korean pop music) and Korean food? Then this is the club for you. We will:

  • Learn how to read the Korean alphabet and how to write in Korean.
  • Learn go-to phrases in Korean that you will be able to use. For example, how to order food in Korean.
  • Learn Korean through K-Pop lyrics.
  • Eat Korean food.
  • (Maybe) learn a choreographed k-pop dance. (depends on the dance people want to do)
  • Have a pen-pal language exchange with a Korean student.
  • And more.

This club’s purpose is for students to explore Korea’s language and culture together (food, music, and more) and to enjoy shared interest in these things.

  • Comic Book Club 

Purpose: This club would be a comic book club where like minded individuals can freely comment, express, and discuss comic books in an open environment. To be more specific discussions would be open to modern graphic novels, graphic novels in the media of various forms, and what they represent to us all. Anyone and everyone can come to enjoy themselves.

  • Cryptocurrency Club 

Students will learn about the technology behind the blockchain and the difference between bitcoin and the thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there.

  • TCA Tutor Club

We are looking for students interested in being a tutor and also student looking to be tutored. As a tutee, your time will be spent working on classwork and/studying with a tutor. As a tutor, your time will be spent helping your tutee.


After School Clubs

International Service Learning

Advisor: Mrs. Neilson

Students involved with International Service Learning have the opportunity to learn about and experience a new culture; gain optional college credit; develop leadership and communication skills; gain valuable international experience in preparation for college; and, most importantly, make a positive and sustainable difference in the lives of others. The International Service Learning group travels to places around the world in order to do all these things and more. Our next trip is to Peru in July of 2018; enrollment is open until January 2018.