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HS Clubs

Below is a sampling of our HS Clubs offered this year.


Aerospace Club

Come talk to Mr. B in room 214 about aerospace club. This year we will do 1 near space, high altitude balloon launch of student experiments to the edge of space, learn about professional organisations and have guest speakers from NASA, Boeing, the Air Force, and SpaceX. All students are welcome. This semester we will host a diverse women-only panel on STEM careers in aerospace and the military. If you are interested in helping organize the panel, please sign up, as we can have 2 teams of engineers and scientists, and those who are interested in organizing a career event with women professionals in industry.

We will work on 3D printing, making experiments to launch to near-space (over 100,000ft above Earth). We need coders, photographers, videographers, science enthusiasts, engineering passions, artists, and more.


Racial Justice

Come join us to talk about racial justice and what it means to be a person of color in our country, community, and school today. This is a place where student voices lead and are heard. All are welcome.


Chess Club

Yes it’s CHESS CLUB!

Join friends. Play chess. Compete. Battle knights. Take queens. Checkmate.

Interested in playing chess and learning new strategies? Build cheerful community in chess club. Talk to Ms. Alvarez in Room 201. Everyone is welcome!  During 2nd advisory on



In E-Club we find new and innovative ways to make the school a more environmentally friendly place. Last year, E-Club organized a neighborhood clean-up and piloted other environmental projects.


Japanese Language Learning Club

Japanese Club is a club that focuses on learning the Japanese language.For Japanese club, you will be expected to memorize kana and kanji and participate in language learning lessons.  You will be required to download Duolingo and Anki apps to help learn Japanese. This will not be a club where we just watch anime, this will be a club where you are expected to put effort in to learn Japanese.  Every meeting we will work on all 4 aspects of language learning (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Sure, we may watch some anime, but it will be with the expectation that we are learning the dialogue and learning Japanese.

If you ask Tabitha nicely she might make a Kahoot.


LGBTQ+ Club 

Mission: We strive to provide a safe community for members of the LGBTQA+ community and advocate for its members.

Description: LGBTQ+ Club is GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) designed to not only support students in various stages of their coming out process and in self-identification of who they are, but to also educate the greater school community on LGBTQ+ issues that may affect TCA students and their communities.  

Planned Activities

  • Pronoun Day
  • Transgender Awareness Day
  • Pride Celebration

Weekly discussions on various topics.


Tiger Squad

Tiger Squad is a dance team that will spread school spirit year round. No dance experience required, but preferred. Always ready to dance and contribute to the squad. Not a time to socialize, but still have fun and stretch yourself to new creative heights.

Will be looking for opportunities to perform in school as well as out of school. This is a year round club and for 2nd semester looking to possibly mentor a MS Tiger Squad.


Young Women’s Discussion Group

This group has been in existence for 7 years at TCA.  It’s open to any high school young woman who is interested in a discussion group format focused on topics such as friendships, social situations, managing emotions, relationships and goal setting.   In addition, speakers from community agencies are invited to provide current resource information about women’s health and personal safety.   Ms. Dusek and Ms. McCall co-lead, but choice of topics are agreed on by the group.